A Look Inside Next Otherside, The New York City Bodega Where It All Began

Next Otherside is not your average bodega. In fact, it’s hardly a typical business at all. Founded in 2013 by two NYU graduates, Next Otherside is a glorified co-working space for entrepreneurs. But that’s not all. Next Otherside also happens to be the home of the first ever vending machine beer system in New York City. We spoke with co-founder and CEO of Next Otherside, Alex Klein, about this unique business and the challenges it faced when it first got off the ground. We also asked him about what he sees as the future of vending machines, and whether or not they have a place in an increasingly digital world.


What is Next Otherside?

Next Otherside is a new bodega in New York City that has been generating a lot of buzz. Located in the Lower East Side, Next Otherside is the brainchild of owners Anthony and Nadine D'Angelo. The store offers customers not only a wide variety of drinks, but also an eclectic collection of merchandise, including clothing, art, and accessories.Next BAYC

Since its opening in February, Next Otherside has quickly become one of the city's most popular destinations. Not only are the drinks and snacks delicious and fresh, but the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. In addition to selling groceries, Next Otherside also offers prepared food such as sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

The popularity of Next Otherside seems to be based on more than just its cocktails and snacks. The shop's unique atmosphere provides a unique shopping experience that cannot be found at other stores in the area. Next Otherside is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for something different in New York City!Next Crypto Punk

How Next Otherside Started

Next Otherside, the New York City bodega where it all began, is back and better than ever. The store has been completely renovated with a new layout, fresh stock, and more space to buy your favorite drinks.

Owner and operator Nick Ortiz started the store in 2007 as a way to provide a comfortable place for friends to gather and share drinks. He was inspired by the bodegas of his native Puerto Rico where customers could always count on friendly service and locally sourced products.

Now Next Otherside is a popular destination for New Yorkers of all ages who love to enjoy a cold drink or bite to eat while hanging out with friends. Nick says he loves seeing people come in and relax after a long day, and he's excited to keep providing quality service and delicious eats for years to come.


The Menu at Next Otherside

Next Otherside is the new, California-inspired bodega that has people talking. Opened by celebrity chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain in New York City last month, Next Otherside offers a unique take on the bodega with a menu inspired by the foods of Asia and South America.

One thing that sets Next Otherside apart from other bodegas is its extensive beverage menu. The store features more than 50 different types of teas, coffees, wines, and cocktails, as well as an eclectic mix of beers and spirits. In addition to serving drinks, Next Otherside also sells snacks like empanadas, taquitos, and quesadillas made with house-made chorizo.

The Menu at Next Otherside

There's something for everyone on the Next Otherside menu. For those looking for refreshments to go along with their meal, the store offers a wide variety of drinks including teas from China, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and more. There's even a special edition coffee created just for Next Otherside called the "NOMA".

For those who want to eat their drinks instead of drink them (or vice versa), Next Otherside has you covered too. The store offers an extensive selection of snacks like empanadas made with house-made chorizo sauce or taquitos stuffed with cheese and chicken wrapped in a tortilla dough skin. There are also quesad

Customer Feedback at Next Otherside

Customer Feedback at Next Otherside

Next Otherside is a New York City bodega that has been garnering positive customer feedback since it opened its doors in early 2018. The store is located in the heart of the city, and its convenient location and well-designed interior have made it a popular choice for residents and visitors alike.

Customers are impressed with the wide variety of food options available, as well as the high quality of both the food and the drinks. They appreciate how friendly and helpful the staff are, and they especially appreciate how Next Otherside goes out of its way to accommodate dietary restrictions.

The store has already proven to be a success, with plans to expand into new locations in future months. If you're looking for an enjoyable shopping experience that won't break the bank, give Next Otherside a try!


In the early days of the internet, one of the first places people went to find information was on message boards. One such board was called The Rec Room, and it was here that someone posted a link to a website called Next Otherside. The site had just opened up in New York City and wasn't very well known yet, but its selection of rare wines and whisky quickly caught the eye of some of the most discerning wine enthusiasts in the city. Over time, Next Otherside grew into what we now know as an online retailer for luxury goods, and it is thanks to this early effort that they are now one of the most successful retailers in all of Manhattan. So if you're looking for something special to purchase online – whether it's a new piece of jewelry or a bottle of rare wine – be sure to check out Next Otherside first!


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