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What started out as a desire to create art that included my passion for collecting stamps, led me to the imaginative creations called The United States Postal Stamp Collage Figurines.

These figurines represent unique depictions of United States Postal Stamps. Utilizing mannequins, I designed figurines with real postal stamps. Every figurine has instilled the life and style represented by stamps. It also depicts the personalities of famous people represented with stamps. My figurines depict such great stamps as: Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, The 1996 Olympic Athletes, The legends of Baseball, The Hollywood Monster Series, Frankenstein, Dracula, The Phantom of the Opera, The Mummy, The Wolf man, The classic Dolls of the Americas and many others. I have received great reviews from local newspapers and been interviewed by local cable talk shows for my originality and uniquely designed figurines.My creations utilizing U.S.Postal Stamps bring the identity of my favorite icons and depicts their individual style.

As a Artist I feel compelled to continually strive to develop unique works of art and hope my work leaves a lasting impression. My focus and dedication as an artist in the fields of Arts and Graphic Design includes such accomplishments as Graphic Artist/Illustrator for the Liberty IslandGame in 1984, a game board which was sold throughout the country. I recently donated three pieces of United States Postal Stamp figurines to the Firemen Museum of New York, Secaucus Library located in New Jersey and the Port Authority of New York. These Figurines depict the Firemen Stamp reflecting thetragic event of September 11 2001, which we as Americans will never forget.

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