ClickGem is a new type of digital money, called cryptocurrency, created using blockchain technology. Blockchain is a major breakthrough in decentralizing financial transactions and is revolutionizing the global payment system.

ClickGem is investing in technology that is making blockchain payments more accessible to more people and solves many of the problems in the crypto market today. An Investment in ClickGem is an investment in furthering blockchain technology by supporting a peer-to-peer network that has easy to use applications and lower fees. We believe this ease of use will result in more users adopting our technology and will result in ClickGem becoming more valuable over time.

The ClickGem system is a peer-to-peer network. There is no server for this network and this network type does not rank the priority of connected computers. Every computer (which is called a "peer") has equal rights to work on the network and operates as both a server & a client.

The transfer of ClickGems is convenient and easy. The money transfer can occur anywhere in the world, within a matter of minutes, and the only requirement to send or receive ClickGem is an internet connection. Moreover, ClickGem’s transfer fee is much less than the transfer fee of banks and many other money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram, etc...

No bank teller or middleman are required for processing ClickGem transactions. These transactions are processed automatically based on confirmations from "peer" computers in the network.

The transactions of ClickGem are safe and anonymous. Wallet addresses (same as a bank account number) and all transactions are only created, checked, and stored inside the blockchain. Blockchain database is encrypted with the most advanced technology, backed-up and synced automatically into every "peer" computer in the network. New wallet addresses are created every few hours and old wallet addresses are hidden automatically; only the wallet holder and person sending ClickGem to the wallet address will know what transactions have taken place.

You can keep or transfer ClickGem between different wallet platforms. The two main versions of the ClickGem wallet are the hosted web wallet and the downloadable wallets (available for Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS devices). When ClickGem is stored in the downloaded wallets, it is 100% owned and managed by you. Even the ClickGem administrators can not access it!

The number of ClickGem coins are limited to only 30 million coins that can be mined only by mining computers. Even the ClickGem administrators can not create more. Because of this, ClickGem's value will increase progressively as more and more people use it.

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