Does CelebsNFT Will Become Next BAYC?



Experts are claiming that Celebs NFT can become The World’s Most Profitable NFC after Bored Ape Yacht Club. Each NFC has a potential to grow minimum 100x within 3-5 years.


CelebsNFT is the world’s largest NFC (Non-Fungible celebrity) platform for all NFT enthusiasts. They create immortal superstars for the Metaverse future. They will create 10,000 beautifully rendered 3D Non-Fungible Celebrity (NFC) PFPs algorithmically generated and rendered in breathtaking 3D. Each unique NFC portrays a powerful, Personalities for upcoming world of METAVERSE. This Arts can be used for Staking, Rarest Collections, Advertisements, Films, Web series, Brand Partnership, and many other possibilities which Metaverse will brings with itself. Next BAYC


At Celebs NFT, the power of the next generation of celebrities, that means a brand-new way to experience the world.


CelebsNFT is the Asia’s largest celebrity NFT minting platform and have next gen Metaverse superstar in their team. They have categorized their NFC into various collections like “Legends never die, Stars of Next Gen, Sports Celebs, Leaders of Laughter club, etc.”


Asia’s population is growing rapidly think about it, this is nothing short of revolutionary: Instead of just an object that sits on the desk or in the home, one could have an entire virtual reality version of them right there!



And what if they could be more than just a bunch of pixels?


What if they had emotions, thoughts… even feelings? That’s where this platform comes in.

Celebs NFT, the most anticipated NFT platform, is all set to take Asia by storm!

This means that one can buy the world’s most profitable NFC in fractions also specifically designed for Indian Consumers. Celebs NFT is a platform that allows fans to buy fractional NFCs and then use them to collect points while they earn interest on their investment. They call it NFC  which is beyond NFT.




It’s not just about getting one’s hands on all these amazing new figures. It’s about putting them into the Metaverse—the next phase of technology where every object becomes a part of lives like never before. NFC is making it possible for anyone to own their favorite Metaverse celebrity figures and have them at their fingertips whenever they need them most.


They also provide up to 12% interest on their investment depending upon club’s people will join.




There are 2 clubs so far:




(More details on clubs are given on the home page of CelebsNFT. You can check it on

Celebs NFT has started with a vision to provide a most Extravagant, Babylonian lifestyle to all its community members who join this platform by purchasing fractional NFCs. The world’s first NFC platform providing a variety of entertainment, lifestyle and practicalities via NFC.


Join them in their journey of building and growing the community together exploring the exciting world of NFC.


Advantages of CelebsNFT:


World’s first Fractional NFC (as you all know Nft’s are so costly to buy. Not every retail investor can afford it. That’s why CelebsNFT have come up with Fractional NFT’s so that any retail investors can start investing in NFT’s with as low as 8000INR.)


Buy with Fiat Currency (for all the 1st time investors who doesn’t know much about NFT’s & Crypto, they have given the option to buy NFC from any local currency like Indian Rupees or USD)


User Friendly Website.


4. Support tutorial videos and customer service.


Interest up to 12% P.A on holding any NFC for a minimum period of 12 months.

Providing an Extravagant lifestyle to all it’s holders by their yearly events.


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