Five Mistakes You Could Be Making With A Powerlifting Belt

Most seasoned lifters use a powerlifting belt, so they have their own opinion about what the best lever belt is. This can make it confusing about what the best lever belt is, but picking the right lever belt is more about personal comfort levels and what you are planning to lift. Most times, the way that you use a powerlifting belt will affect your results. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when using a powerlifting belt.


1. Not Using Your Belt Effectively


Most people think of a powerlifting belt as protection. However, your midsection should be strong enough support the weight without needing the powerlifting belt. The best lever belt for you does not only support the back, it should also provide pressure on your abdominal area because this is what supports your mid-section.


2. When Should You Wear Your Belt?


This will depend on you and the powerlifting belt that you are using. Most times, it is not recommended that you wear a lever belt during the warm-up sets. Most belts should be worn when you start having some problems with lifting the weight comfortably. Some weightlifters will do some of their warm-ups without the belt and then put the belt on around half-way through their workout.


3. Wearing the Belt Too Tight or Too Loose


A powerlifting belt is designed to increase the amount of pressure on the intra-abdominal area and stabilize your core. To create the pressure that is needed, you need to make sure that your abs is touching the belt. The belt should be one hole looser than it can go. However, you do not want it so tight that you cannot breathe. A good way of checking if the belt is tight enough is to check if you can fit your hand between the belt and your stomach. There should not be a huge amount of room, but you should be able to fit your hand in between them comfortably.

4. Wearing the Belt during the Wrong Lifts


Powerlifting belts are designed to be worn during big compound lifts and strongman exercises. Some weightlifters wear their powerlifting belt for other lifts and lower weight lifts, but this can weaken the core overtime.


When you add a tool like a powerlifting belt, your muscles adapt to the weight and the pressure that is placed on them. Over time, when a powerlifting belt is used too often, your muscles forget that they need to support themselves and the spine during lifts that have lower amounts of weight, which can cause major injuries.


5. Not Wearing the Belt in the Right Spot


Where should you wear a powerlifting belt is a common question, and it is a simple question to answer. You should wear the belt where it does not impede the lift, so the bottom of the belt does not touch your hips during the lift.


Finding the best lever belt for you can be a challenge because everyone has a different opinion about what the best one is. A powerlifting belt is an important tool for lifting and can help you achieve your goals, so you should choose one that is comfortable for you.

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