Robbie Rothenberg- A Life Journey Of A Very Successful Businessman

Mr. Rothenberg- did his MBA from very famous Harvard Business School and currently working as a managing member along with the co-founder position of Redrock Real Estate Group, LLC. He owns the very same firm which is known for residential communities in the popular places, like- Ohio, Chicago and the greater Midwest. Not only this, Mr. Robbie is also known for acquiring and sponsoring more than 13000 apartments throughout the United States, which is actually the biggest achievement for anybody.

Coming to his other successes, by joining RedRock, he has brought various strengths and ideas to the table and that result something beyond the expectations. Yes, he is the backbone of the company and great ability to manage the company very well to grab great goodwill and support in the market. After having Mr. Robbie as a managing member the company able to make up the sufficient amount of current cash flow to make the position of the company very strong. Yes, it is true that the company has made attractive financing position which takes the same to the next level and still progressing day by day. Via the same, they can easily put the operations in the best possible manner, under go with the value added renovation programs, offer top class amenities, improve their operating efficiencies and do various reform to develop the organization so well.

Robbie Rothenberg has accomplished his educational degrees from Queens College and Harvard Business School and via the same, today, he is in the best position which one can’t expect to get so easily and quickly. He was very serious for his education and with full focused and through studies, he grabbed amazing knowledge which pushed him to do the best and hilarious. Currently, he is working in various projects which are new and associated with the building bridges between the Haredi and Modern Orthodox communities in the Israel. For this, Mr. Robbie along with other volunteers and members planning to start up various learning programs and online platform, named as Tzedakah Fund so that it can educated and encourage people of all over the world to help the people who are in the need. This idea has been used in order to simplifying the overall procedures of funds so that esily various needy people can get help and support.

His three beautiful daughters and his wife also support Robbie in various charity programs along with other social events for developing the lives of the people. All are active in several local and national charities programs and contribute a lot to run the program very well for helping people in the Israel. Also, Robbie is one of the founder of the most popular school, that is- Yeshivat Orayta- a Jerusalem Yeshiva for high school graduates and work as the advisory committee of the Eagles Wings Israel
Experience Program.

Overall, his over journey is very interesting and he has made the same very interesting by working for the people always. He is completely a gem and still work in progress to grab other various achievements.

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