Robbie Rothenberg- Know About Him For His Great Achievements

Would you like to grab complete and interesting information about Robbie Rothenberg? Well, this post will let you know about his life journey, which everybody must know and inspire from the same.

Why we are talking about the same as he is the best businessman, which is incomparable and very successful. So, let’s discuss more and grab complete information about his career, personal life and other various stuffs. As said, Mr. Robbie is the best businessman, lives with his wife Helene in Woodmere, New York. Would you like to know what he considers his greatest achievements? Well, it is his 3 beautiful and successful daughters who are well-educated and settled successfully in other various locations. The best part is, all of 3 daughters of Mr. Robbie have a great concern and thoughts in regards with the Israel and always plan up to be a part to make Aliyah near the future.

Yes, the whole family loves to do anything for Israel and for its people that is why day to day involves in various activities to make it better and stable. Talking more about Mr. Robbie’s daughters, the oldest one has accomplished her medical studies from the Medical School at Sackler School of Medicine and worked as a pediatric intern at Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center in Tel Aviv. She is married and happily living with his husband – Jeremy Ross, who always works for Tel Aviv in the finance section. The entire family meets time to time in order to maintain in Jerusalem and Caesaria, which is the best part. Similarly, the second and third daughter of Mr. Robbie and successfully moving their career in different domains and trying their level best to grab the best name and reputation, exactly like their father.

Coming to Robbie Rothenberg career information, it is very interesting and successful. After grabbing essential degrees from the reputed schools and colleges, ultimately Robbie becomes a managing member and co-founder of RedRock Real Estate Group LLC. Yes, presently he is working in the same post as well as associated with other giants in the most reputed post for growth and development of the same. Apart from the best businessman, he is also known because of his philanthropic work via great partnerships with various investors. Yes, the whole family loves participating in various social events, charity and other foundation programs for the development of the people.

Robbie always very serious and focused for his studies and successfully graduated from the very famous Queens college in 1980 and later in 1984, he has joined the famous Harvard Business School to complete higher degree. Talking about his beautiful wife, she is also very talented and currently practicing as a real estate attorney in Cedarhurst, New York. She was graduated from Suffolk University Law School in the Boston and later move ahead her beautiful career successfully.

Moreover, Mr. Robbie as a Philanthropist is doing a lot for the Jews locally as well as internationally, which makes him different and best from other businessmen. He is indulged with various charity programs, just for the development and growth of the people and the nation.

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