Things To Do In Oman – Definitively Versatile Destination

Being an Arab country neatly positioned at the mouth of the Gulf of Persia, Oman is without a doubt an economy which is based on tourism, dates, limes, fishing trade and vegetables. It’s an absolute monarchy, and it has one of the hottest climates in the entire world. At the same time, it receives quite a lot of rainfalls during the winter season.


Things to Do in Oman


Now, there are quite a lot of different things to do in Oman. It is famous for its culture, magnificent mountain ranges as well as for its historical landmarks. It’s one of the countries in the area with an economy which manages to flourish thanks to the strong tourism. The country neighbours Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen. It also shares one border with Iran and Pakistan, putting it rather close to the events of the country.


Things to Do in Muscat


Muscat is the capital city of the sultanate, and it is amongst the most important port-towns in the area. It spans over a significant area of approximately 3,500 square kilometres, and it has a population of an approximately 1.56 million as per the last count of 2015. It has a rather rugged terrain, and it’s devoid of vegetation as a result. The climate is rather arid and hot, but at the same time, the city offers a wide range of interesting things to do especially if you are keen on Muslim and Arabic culture.


The Royal Opera House in Muscat


This is without a doubt the country’s prime venue for culture and musical arts. This is amongst the most exciting things to do in Oman not only in Muscat. The architectural style is particularly definitive, combining Italian and Islamic features. It was completed back in 2011, so it’s relatively contemporary, and as such it poses a lot of different interesting features. For instance, it’s the first opera in the entire world to be equipped with a multimedia interactive display setback system.


Muscat Tourism Is Flourishing


There are just so many different muscat tourism that it’s impossible for the tourism not to move forward. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, for instance, is undoubtedly amongst the most interesting places to visit. This is an architectural miracle which is spread over the staggering area of 416,000 square meters. The entire structure was erected using Indian Sandstone, and it’s amongst the most impressive things designed in the entire country.


It’s obvious that there are quite a lot of interesting Oman Attractions. From the impressive opera house and mosques to the numerous museums in the entire country and its capital, you will not run out of things to do and to see. With all this in mind, it goes without saying that everything is versatile and interesting and you will have quite some fun while you visit the sultanate. Of course, you have to get through the hot desert climate, and you will have the best time.

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