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Founded in October of 2015 - ‘Top 10 Survival’ Is the brainchild of yours truly; Artist, Musician, Private Pilot & Webmaster since pre www... bbs {bulletin board service} days of CVMCo... has evolved into {Christian Video Media Coalition}  over 25 years online...

With a direct interest and experience in survival preparedness since youth, long before computers were the norm, or any thought of the internet - growing up in the far reaches of Northern Saskatchewan Canada... the other ‘tornado alley’. Although I’ve never been directly affected by a twister, having my house ripped apart losing everything. However, I’ve seen my share of them and survived many a blizzard! I’m not looking forward to the next one or multiple as the case may be, but that’s what preparation is all about right?!

My brief bio can be seen outlined at my main blog/website; in recent years & video channel on youtube; Ok, enough about me...

Where Truth Is Our First Weapon Of Choice!


While not always being a computer geek, it has indeed become a mainstay, for most of us in everyday living. Whether it’s with our DUMB phones, since they are only as smart as the person operating them { I often say } from the tablets, laptops or desktops, that will soon be obsolete, replaced by actual water purifying tablets & whittling sticks beside campfires, and your fave hot or cold tea leaves, with nothing but a blanket on your lap top, and desk top converted to a work bench with hand tools for various chores?! As honest Abe Lincoln said; “Give me 8 hours to chop firewood, and I’ll spend 4 hours sharpening my axe!” end paraphrase… When the work is done, what will you do for entertainment?!

That said^ Let’s get to the meat & potatoes of this survival checklist, with the ever growing prepper movement, and why I think, as many survivalists do - it’s about “hoping & praying for the best & preparing for the worst”. As far as cliches go, they become cliches because they’re true! Show me one cliche that’s a lie, and I’ll eat my DUMB phone! *wink

Books & Guides will be all we have to refer there-after & before lighting your candles!

Here’s a general rule of thumb, so if you don’t have a green one, I hope you know someone who does, or we all better learn FAST, from green, to lean, mean fighting machine! Through the ages... You’ve probably heard it said; The rule of 3 to do without; “We have 3 minutes for Air, 3 days for water, and 3 weeks for food” while that may seem like common sense, it’s more likely ‘RARE’ sense, that any of us have fully prepared for getting to number 4 and beyond the 7/11, lest we forget 9/11, and ongoing 3/11…

Known as; Fuku shima?! “Hey watch your language”. Hmm Indeed, Japan is out of control, not just there but worldwide! With many the same Nuclear Power Plants, 101, give or take accidents waiting to happen in the U$A alone…then some! Toxic water, rain & snow fallout from nucleya in the atmosphere. Do you have air & water filter systems/storage? Is this fear mongering? If so, then call me guilty, because this is reality… and the Daiichi nuclear cores are burning to this day sight/site unseen!
Full article with top 10 experts - video interviews;


That’s a good place to start^ Radiation, is the leading cause of death worldwide, indirectly or directly! As many Scientists say, at least ones that haven’t sold out to B$ propaganda… How to combat radiation;

What will you drink on day 4 a 6 pack? Do you have 3 weeks of food & water at home right now? Or how about 3 months or even years?! Personally, at the time of this writing I have about 4 to 6 months, and a plan from then on hand, in print for reference! I could live fairly comfortable, provided a nuke doesn’t land on my head over that time etc!!!

When, not if the grid goes down, any minute?! Or through 2017 beyond, so called progress is forever moving faster each year - like it or not, sooner than later, by taking the bite out of Apple or Microsoft... making our latest gadgets outdated faster than we can say; ‘google it’!

Mother Nature, and the sun/son will have something to say about that^ going back to the dark ages, by burping ‘CME’s {Coronal Mass Ejections} at us^^ With the increasing threat of manmade ‘EMP’s {ElectroMagnetic Pulse} Weapons, could nuke our infrastructure, while the Globalists hide in their ‘DUMB’s... {Designated Underground Military Bases}. Leaving the masses to face the music above ground, it won’t be on your ipad, but rather someone with an axe/guitar, carrying a tune ‘whistling dixie’ on major fault lines...  

Haha, forgive my gallows humor, but if we lose that, we all might as well find the nearest tree and… well you know! HUG IT;-] This music video says it all;

Obviously there are things beyond our control, but I’m a realist and try to let logic dictate…

“Life is like a battery, both positive & negative must be connected before it will work” One can never have enough batteries +- ways to recharge yours. Forget carburetors man!

Unless you have an endless supply of fruit, or an orchard, or a giant potato mound you can mash-up in barrels galore, to distill moonshine by the gallon to consume in your spare time, with lines from your copper mine, in the hills to use in your gas powered vehicles... Have you thought about mobility, there hill billy?! Pardon my sarcasm, but my teeth are falling out!!! Beside your legs, if you still have yours? If not, I hope your wheelchair is off road equipped. Perhaps you have horses, and fields of gold, or pastures to feed them?! If so, GLWT^^^

How about a good old fashion bicycle? Preferably with non inflatable tires, yes - there is such things these days… Or even back-up Ebikes of the electric combo pedaling variety, once known as a mo-ped, but it had gas…haha I had one of those once ‘way back when!’ { Yet another good tune by; Buck65 - Canadian Rapper] I digress…

No less, I’ve got my eye on an off road electric golf cart - with plow attachments. For now I have a couple mountain bikes wo/man powered;-]] But, I’m not getting any younger, so those solar powered ebike/carts are looking good!

Pre register to our affiliates & Opt-in SHTF membership plans! Whether you’re a veteran prepper or a rookie, I’m sure you’ll appreciate this checklist...

If not already, get further details on your free printable checklist as seen above, available by pre registering at; Determine what you lack, and brush up on particular areas, with info often over looked preparing, before the www goes down!

Speaking of 3’s, it only takes the average grocery store shelves 3 days to go empty or less! When the water & gas pumps go down along with the ATM$ without power^
Heat seeker by AC/DC, yes puns intended again! Where is your power coming from?!


I’d like to convey, it’s not about the money, silver & gold or bitcoin for that matter… as I paraphrase an old Native Proverb; “When every plant or tree is deceased, animals, birds & fish, gone from the land, sky or sea… you can’t eat money!” In closing, one of my mentors says; “Look for your joy, that’s where you begin this process” end quote.
His books are priceless for your collection FTR^^^ From Alt Agriculture to Meta Physics...

The www is on borrowed time, and as CSN&Y Sang; “Teach your children well!!”

Gordie Howe, is from my home province, I met him once at a sports memorabilia show.      I took my son to get his autograph etc... Affectionately known as ‘Mr. Hockey’ for good reason, played his last NHL game in 1980 at age 52, the age I am now?! Holds the record for most games played, and all star game performances to this day, a record among many... will likely never be broken! If that alone doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!!

Here’s a bonus top 10 list… Alternative News Sources I Follow Religiously @CVMCo

Network News You Can Trust!
Petition, Prevent, Prepare & Pray! Now go earn your tickets to PARADISE!;-]]
See top 10 gun control quotes;
Donate To Your Salvation Army!

For example; What if a bio/nuke/emp weapon is released? Will we be forewarned of the attack? Or if BIG YELLOWSTONE blows, and a blanket of volcanic ash rains down on most of the USA/Canada?! Do you have a gas mask? Or at the very least, painter’s fiber masks, until the dust settles, or forced to stay indoors under martial law when ww3 goes hot?!

Albert. Einstein said; “Nuclear Power is one hell of a way to boil water” End quote.

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