Be More Elegant And Stylish In Elegant Costume Jewelry

Jewelry is an unavoidable accessory which must match with your costume and persona. You must be selective when you choose Elegant Costume Jewelry, as different dresses need various types of jewelry. The concept of costume jewelry dates back to the 20th century and is made up of inexpensive gemstones like rhinestones or Lucite. In the early it cheaper and at the same time, elegant gold and silver plated brass and nickel are also used now era, but modern costume jewelry is also made up of crystal, plastic, leather or even wood to make it depending on the fashion and culture of the country in which produces it.

The designing of jewelry depends not only on the country’s tradition but also the period of production. In the early Art Deco Period, mass production was replaced by delicate art and designing when geometric and symmetrical shapes evolved. In the next period, called the Retro Period, saw the use of semi-precious metals and the style and design changed from conventional to unique themes. Flowers, bows, motifs, military influence and ballerinas evolved. Modern period, as of now, has seen changes in both designs and styles. Designs are now more bold and lavish, more traditional.

The demand for costume jewelry evolved in the 20th century with the coincidental advent of the industrial revolution as more and more people wanted to have inexpensive, affordable but beautiful jewelry. Production of carefully executed replicas with the help of machines started. Two most important factors for the rise in the popularity of costume design are the accumulation of wealth in people’s hand and the influence of Hollywood movies which helped to endorse the pieces produced by individual designers. Costume jewelry is considered to be a discrete category, and many industries in the world created these items. The market for such items is accessible to the buyers even through the internet.

As the costume jewelry is made up of less expensive stones and materials and are thus less durable that traditional jewelry. So, it is necessary that you clean them regularly to maintain the value of it. You can dry clean them as a wet cleaning material can cause lasting damage. When you do so, ensure that there is sufficient light with no shadows cast, and you use a soft toothbrush, compressed air can or a toothpick. You can also wet clean by using soap and lukewarm water and brush your item. You must get rid of the excess water by a dry clean towel or hair dryer. 

Sometimes you may find that your Rhinestone Bridesmaid Jewelry is not clean enough when you follow the above steps. In that case, you can use a stronger cleaning solution can be used as a standard jewelry cleanser or a nail polish remover. You can rub your item with a cotton swab dipped in the solution and after cleaning it, you must wash it nicely under running tap water. You must get rid of the excess water using a dry cotton towel and a hair dryer as mentioned above. Jewelry looks good if you take care while using it and store it in a cool place, avoid scratching and maintaining a particular order while using

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