End Distracted Driving In The Workplace, Once And For All With Fleetmode, The Ultimate Distracted Driving Solution.

FleetMode is an enterprise distracted driving and fleet management system made of three components that work together to minimize inbound distractions, reduce driver temptation and ensure compliance.

FleetMode System Overview:

  • FleetMode Driver: FleetMode Driver is a Distracted driving solution designed to keep drivers safe on the road by silencing incoming text messages, social media alerts, email, etc.
  • SmartDot: SmartDot is a Bluetooth LE device that works with FleetMode to disable the cell phone’s keyboard, blocking driver from texting, web search, email, social media, etc. SmartDot is small, easy to install in any vehicle and has a 3-year battery life.  
  • FleetMode Manager: FleetMode’s custom management portal’s Key features include an at-glance Dashboard, Cell Phone Safety Policy and Pledge management, Instant Policy Violation Reporting, Easy Communication with drivers and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce liabilities by recording and storing your cell phone safety policy and compliance agreements
  • Prevent cognitive and manual distractions by silencing incoming alerts and disabling the device’s keyboard
  • Promote a culture of safety and keep drivers coming home to their families on “off” time
  • Locate and keep in touch with your drivers, receive real-time policy violation alerts and see your best and worst drivers at-glance, 24/7 from any device

Here are a few ways to connect with us:

  • If you’re interested in adding FleetMode to your cell phone safety policy, email us at
  • Stay posted on news about FleetMode and industry relevant articles, check out the FleetMode Blog.
  • Download our latest press release- link to download press release
  • For journalists with questions, email us at



Platforms: Web, Android, iOS

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