HighSecHosting.Eu - Sweden Hosting Datacenter

We are a super safe datacenter, We are operate one of the largest, safest and greenest super bunkers only five minutes from the center of Stockholm Sweden.

High Sec Hosting manages a high security data center operation in an environmentally sustainable way. We designed, built, and operate our data center within the highest security and efficiency standards to date. You will have accesss to you equipment 24/7/365.

High Sec Hosting is located in a central area of Stockholm for convenient availability with a discreet optical signature. Climate change is one of today's greatest challenges, therefore High Sec Hosting only invests in sustainable solutions for our customers. Our staff's expertise can help with solid technical advice to secure your imperative assets.

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Contact Us:

Address : Värmdövägen 87, 131 35 Nacka. (Stockholm) Sweden

Phone:+46 (8) 410 080 40



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